Company Information

Epoxy and Polyurethane Synthetic Floor Coating Systems by PÜRKAY Inc.

 As Pürkay Inc., we produce polyurethane and epoxy based synthetic floor coatings since 1978 in our factory located in Istanbul.

Synthetic floorings based on epoxy and polyurethane are widely used in industry for it’s easy to to clean, anti-bacterial and hygienic properties, the aesthetic  and decorative aspects stand out in offices and bureau areas, special designs applied in showrooms and shops makes them more attractive.

 The high quality of flooring materials of PÜRKAY is due to; selection of best quality raw material, manufacturing by using advanced technology, regular quality control during production, continuous development activities by our  R & D labs. With the contribution of our experienced staff we are able to advice on coating and painting systems for standard and custom

Wherever you are in the world, we will be very happy to advise and sample you custom made flooring or paint system for your needs.

''Chemistry is part of our life" that is the motto and driving power behind our product development, services and consultancy. The last 30 years gave us the opportunity to work for several different sectors and today we concentrate on serving the building and construction industry, mainly with our synthetic floor coatings and paints based on polyurethane and epoxy systems.

Applications within Turkey as well as abroad made the profile of our customer portfolio to its current state. Products that cater for our customers stringent requirements led us to devise products that give long service life under varying conditions. The challenge we receive from creating the perfect system for your business is our main satisfaction.

It would be our pleasure to share our experience that we have collected all those years to create the best possible system for your business.


  • Focusing on customer satisfaction.
  • Creating corporate identity and reflecting it to todays and future business
  • And to be a leading company in industry .


  • To become permanently competitive in a corporate manner, without sacrificing quality and service continuity
  • Trust, Reputation, Honesty.

Quality Statement

As GÖKŞİN GROUP OF COMPANIES, our quality statement is; to mainteir customer as our priority, to produce new products and increase quality of our products by effective R&D activities,

To produce tailor-made products according to customer requirements and expectations, to achieve customer satisfaction by technical support and after sales services,

And to support our employees with internal and external trainings for their personal development.


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